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“Born This Way” is a Win for Inclusion at the 2018 Emmy Awards

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The cast of A&E’s reality series “Born This Way” is breaking barriers as one of the most inclusive shows on television. The series, which follows seven young adults with Down syndrome, received four Emmy nominations this year, including:

  • Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program
  • Outstanding Cinematography for a Reality Program
  • Outstanding Picture Editing for an Unstructured Reality Program
  • Outstanding Casting for a Reality Program

In total, the show has won three Emmy’s and garnered 13 nominations throughout its three-year run for its outstanding casting and cinematography.

The cast of Born This Way invites the audience to join them as they experience the joy, challenges, passion, and complexities of life as young adults. Audiences across the United States tune in every week to follow the cast as they pursue their goals, grapple with personal identity, and navigate everyday life. Critics praise the show’s authentic portrayal of life with an intellectual disability from the exciting to the ordinary.

When they are not on set, the cast members use their platform to encourage others to eliminate degrading language from their vocabulary. This year they teamed up with Special Olympics and Best Buddies in the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign. Check out the video below!